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Welcome to Cambodia: Cambodia Provinces Tours: Banteay Meanchey

Welcome to Cambodia: Cambodia Provinces Tours: Banteay Meanchey

Introduction to Banteay Meanchey:

Banteay Meanchey:

- is a Cambodian province in the northwest of the country.
- its capital: Sisophorn (ស៊ីសុភ័ណ).
- is quiet and charming place.
- one of the nine provinces that is part of the Tonle Sap Biosphere Reserve.
- meaned "Fortress of Victory".
- was split off from Battambang in 1988.
- It borders with Thailand to the west and North, with Oddar Meancheay to the North, with Siem Reap to the East and with Battambang to the South.
- The town of Sisophorn is about 359km from Phnom Penh via national road number 5.
- One of the most known places in that province is Poipet, a town on the Thailand/Cambodia border. Poipet is adjacent to the city of Aranya Pratet on the Thai side of the border.
- The province is mostly covered by extensive lowlands, with a few uplands to the North and East (all in all around 6,679 sq/km surface). The main rivers are the Mongkol Borei River and the Sisophon River.
- The weather condition are as below:
+ Average Temperature: 30C - 33C
+ Rain fall: 885.30 mm/year
+ Evaporation: 4.41 mm/day (May - July)
+ 3.37 mm/day ((August - October)
+ Humidity: Hot and Wet
+ Wind velocity: 3 m/s (May)
+ 2.9 m/s (June)
+ 2.5 m/s (July)
+ 3.1 m/s (August) There are 3 different seasons: 1. Rainy season: June - October (<32c). 2. Cool season: November- February (>27c). 3. Hot season: March- May : Temperature: from 27c -34c.

- The total population is 816,382 or (5.242%) of the total population 14,363,519 in Cambodia (2007, provincial government data) with a growth rate of 5.93 %, which is consisting of 402,201 male person (49.11%), and 414,181 female person (50.89%). The above number also consists of 654, 033 person (93%), who are farmers, 8,228 person (1.17%), who are fishermen, 35,162 person (5%), who are traders, and 5,814 person (0.83%), who work as government officers.

-The province's economy is 93% based on farming and the remaining other 7% are based on fishing and trading. Because of it's border with Thailand, the casino business is booming and becoming the main economy to the province.

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Some pictures in Banteaymeanchey:

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