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Khmer Art-Cambodian Art

[Photo by VIPNYC on Flickr: Apsara Dancers, Cambodia]

All the countries around the world always have their own cultures to distinguish from other countries in this world. Talking about art, Art is an important part of the culture of each country, that means through the activites of art, people in other countries can know what and where that country is. Meanwhile Cambodia is a country also known as a country rich of culture. How the Cambodia's art it is that makes the country to be known like that? Please take a look at the serveral points:

1. Khmer Dance-Cambodian Dance: The special features of Khmer Dance are based on its style of dancing, types of dance or its forms of dance. Each style has its own meaning, the way to dance is abit different from each other. In what way that it has the difference. Well, the point is that when and where the dance will be celebrated, Example: The Dance in Royal Palace has its own style, which type of dance should be chosen for dancing to pleasure the king. And it's also depended on the occasion which it will be chosen.

There are 3 main categories of Khmer dance-Cambodian dance:

a. Classical Dance: Khmer classical dance, also known as Khmer royal ballet or Khmer court dance, is a form of Cambodian dance originally performed only for royalty. It is called robam preah reachea trop in the Khmer language, which means 'dances of royal wealth.'

The ones among the well know royal ballet, Apsara Dance is a major dance which firstly performed on the re-creation by princess Norodom Bopha Devi, the first Daughter of King Norodom Sihanouk at 1964.

[Photo by Wikipedia Apsara Classical Dance of Princess Bopha Devi, Cambodia]

The following is the selected list of the Khmer Classical Dance:

-Apsara Dance: A dance about the apsara named Yaovamalya and her servants picking flowers for her in a garden.
-Tep Monorom: A dance about angels dancing in delight and Powering from the god to recuse the people.
-Robam Thvay Preah Por: A dance presented to the King of Cambodia.
-Robam Phuong Neari: A dance concerning the beauty of flowers and maidens.
-Robam Moni Mekhala: An excerpted dance about Manimekhala with Ream Eyso (Parashurama) in pursuit of taking away her crystal ball.
-Robam Sovann Maccha: An excerpted dance from the Reamker about Hanuman' and Suvannamaccha, the golden mermaid.

b. Folk Dance: Folk dances here refer to a performing art where it is performed for an audience.Khmer Folk dances show about Khmer daily life activities like fishing, harvesting..etc. Khmer folk dances are fast-paced. The movements and gestures are not as stylized as Khmer classical dance. Some folk dances are about love, or are folktales about animals. The kind of dance particularly performed depends on the area and its local birthplace. The most famous of all, Robam Trot, is mainly performed during the Cambodian New Year. The Dance got its history along a legend about a hunter and deer.

[Photo by Wikipedia Cambodian Daily Life Folk Dance, Robam NeiSart, Fishing Dance, Cambodia]

The following is the well known selected list of Khmer Folk Dance:

- Trot Dance: a popular dance represent a tales of a hunter and a deer who spread several danger between gaint to ogress and peacock.Trot Dance perform to chase away bad luck, just like Dragon dance during Chinese New Year.Its history know as came from Samrey People who is one of the most khmer enthic group and now live at Kulean Mountain area, Svay Leu District, Siem Reap. Another than Cambodia, Khmer Surin also likely act the dance out as well with a similar song which combined between Khmer Language and Thai Language.
- Pailin Peacock Dance: a dance which highly focus on Peacock style included Dress and Movement style.A enthic group in Cambodia, Kola people in Pailin which come from Burma, create this dance depend on burma costume.
- Yike Dance: The Dance is comfirm with opera combination with dance, perform along the legend of gaint and royalty.It originally was born in Java.
- Chhayam: A dance illustrates about enjoyable and a well know entertain dance included several active comedian and a beautiful girl dance.The dance performanced at a holiday and is a pure khmer dance. The Chhayam dance is usually performed during Kathen Festival, a kind of Khmer festival usually celebrated once a year at Pagoda from the middle of October to the middle of Novervember which lasts for a month.

[Photo by , Robam Chhayam, Kathen Festival, Cambodia]

c. Vernacular Dance or social dance

In Cambodia, vernacular dance (or social dance) are dances which are danced at social gatherings. Such dances include Ram Vong, Ram Kbach, Ram Saravan, Lam Leav (literally: "Lao dance") and so on. Some of these dances have much influence from the traditional dances of Laos. But Ram Kbach, for example, take heavily from the classical dance of the royal court. Rom Kbach is a simple dances which uses hand gesture similar to that of classical dance and Rom Kbach song also utilize the melodies of classical dance songs and combine them with traditional Khmer and Western instruments.
Other social dances from around the world have had an impact on Cambodian social culture include the Cha-cha, Bolero, and the Madison. Such dances are often performed at Cambodian wedding receptions and banquets.

2. Khmer Music-Cambodian Music: Can we dance without music? Yes we can, but this kind of dance would be no style, no form, no rhythm, or no cadence. Dancing always goes with music. How the rhythm of music is, the style of dance would follow the rhythm of the music. The Khmer Dance and Khmer Music are also the same.

Khmer Music can be devided into two categories:

a. Folk and classical music

Cambodian folk music is highly influenced by ancient forms as well as Hindu forms. Religious dancing, many of which depict stories and ancient myths, are common. Some dances are accompanied by a pinpeat orchestra, which includes a ching (cymbal), roneat (bamboo xylophone), pia au (flute), sralai (oboe), chapey (bass banjo), gong (bronze gong), tro (fiddle), and various kinds of drums. Each movement the dancer makes refers to a specific idea, including abstract concepts like today (pointing a finger upwards). The 1950s saw a revival in classical dance, led by queen sisowath Kosmak Monyrat. To find out more about Traditional Cambodian musical instruments, please visit here!

b. Popular music

Cambodian pop music, or Cambodian modern music is usually presented in Cambodian Karaoke VCDs with the most popular rhythm Ram Vong, Ram Kbach, Saravann, Lam Leav, and usually of an actor, actress or both making the actions, usually by mimicking the lyrics to the background song by moving their mouth as if they were actually singing the song. Noy Vannet and Lour Sarith are some of the modern singers who sing the songs for use with the Karaokes usually of the songs composed by Sin Sisamouth or others, in addition to the songs sung and composed by Sin Sisamouth himself.

Please enjoy watching Cambodian Karaoke from Youtube Video below and how do you thing about Cambodian popular music:

- The first Video is a kind of Music Ram Vong, including two songs, the first song has the title "Mei Mai Kon Muoy" in English "Widow with one child" with the short meaning "Cool rice is rice, Widow is woman...Widow with one child is hot...". The song is sung and performed by Sopheap and Marima. And the second song with the title"Som Kann Day Mun Reab Kar" in English "Please Let me hold your hand before marriage" sung and performed by Sopheap and Soksoaphea. Please enjoy dancing! To know how to dance Ram Vong style, please visite here !

- The second video is a KARAOKE song with Ram Kbach style:

To be continued more...please come back soon,thanks!


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Monday, 11 May 2009

Please Speak Cambodian With Me

The following words are the most common words that you can speak in Cambodian Language(Khmer):

Cambodian (Pronounced in Latin)
-I -Khnhom, Kha Nhom
-You -Neak
-Hello -Suor Sdey, Suor Sa Dey
-Welcome -Soum Sva Kum
-How are you? -Teu Neak Sok Sabbai Chea Tei ?
-I'm fine -Khnhom Sok Sabbai
-Thank you -Or Kun Neak
-I Love You

-Khnom Sro Lanh Neak (General)

-Bong Sro Lanh Oun (Sweet word for Man talks to Woman)

-Oun Sro Lanh Bong (Sweet word for Woman talks to man)

-What's your name? -Teu Neak Chhmuos Avey?
-Where are you from? -Teu Neak Mork Pi Proteis Na?
-I'm hungry -Khnhom Khlean

Will be added more!If you would like to say more words, please leave comment below,Thanks!


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Sunday, 3 May 2009

The Legend of Angkor Wat Show 2008-2009

The legend of Angkor Wat - When history comes to life

The show was celebrated at Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, from 24 November 2007 - 20 January 2008.

Please enjoy one of the greatest show at Angkor Wat which I've ever seen before. The show began in spectacular evening with a leisurely stroll along a traditional Khmer village market bustling with various folk performances, local delicacies, arts, and handicrafts.

Then, Angkor Wat explored in wonderful display of lights, sounds, water screen, and other special effects. This would bring you to view back in history during a time when this ancient wonder of the world was once center of a powerful empire. 

Next, Angkor Wat came a live and became an enchanting backdrop for a great historical story-telling rendered through unique Apsara dances and contemporary Khmer performances.

Moreover, there was also a special celebration featuring the official national APSARA on stage with hundred of Cambodian performers among an extravagance of lights and sounds. 

This show also presented about Cambodia history, Cambodia Culture....

To see this spectacular show, please watch the video below: 

To see directly more about Angkor Wat, Please spend some days to visit Angkor Wat, Cambodia, THANKS!


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