Monday, 11 May 2009

Please Speak Cambodian With Me

The following words are the most common words that you can speak in Cambodian Language(Khmer):

Cambodian (Pronounced in Latin)
-I -Khnhom, Kha Nhom
-You -Neak
-Hello -Suor Sdey, Suor Sa Dey
-Welcome -Soum Sva Kum
-How are you? -Teu Neak Sok Sabbai Chea Tei ?
-I'm fine -Khnhom Sok Sabbai
-Thank you -Or Kun Neak
-I Love You

-Khnom Sro Lanh Neak (General)

-Bong Sro Lanh Oun (Sweet word for Man talks to Woman)

-Oun Sro Lanh Bong (Sweet word for Woman talks to man)

-What's your name? -Teu Neak Chhmuos Avey?
-Where are you from? -Teu Neak Mork Pi Proteis Na?
-I'm hungry -Khnhom Khlean

Will be added more!If you would like to say more words, please leave comment below,Thanks!

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