Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Cambodia: Kingdom of Wonder-KamPuChea: Preah ReaCheaNaChak AChhakRakYeak

This post I would like to share with you a Cambodian popular video song with the title: "Kingdom of Wonder" sung by Preab Sovath and Sokun Nisa. This is one of the songs in Best of The Best 2009 concert. The concert was celebrated on 2nd of February 2009 at Naga World Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Best of The Best 2009 was created in a cooperation between Cambodian Ministry of Tourism and Reak Smey Hang Meas Company in the purpose of showing the world about the potentiality of Cambodian tourism, especially to make the world know about Cambodia as "Cambodia: Kingdom of Wonder". Cambodian artists who joined Best of the Best 2009 include Mr. Preab Sovath, Pich Sophea, Chhorn Sovann Reach, Sokun Nisa, Sapun Midada, Chhit Sovann Panha, Nop Panharith, Oak Sokun Kanha, Sok Reaksa, Rin Saveit and other artists like Prum Marnh, Cambodian comedian groups: Neay Krem and Neay Koy.

To know the meaning of the song, please enjoy watching the video below:

Cambodia: Kingdom of Wonder-Kam Pu Chea: Preah Rea Chea Na Chak A Chhak Rak Yeak:

- Welcome to Cambodia!--Som Sva Kum Mork Kann Kam Pu Chea

- Happy to see you here Cambodia!--Riik Reay Doy Barn Chuob Neak Nov Kam Pu Chea!

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