Monday, 13 July 2009

Discover Cambodia: Cambodia Tour

Have you ever visited Cambodia? If you not yet visited, Please enjoy Cambodia tour with video below or spend some days to visit the Kingdom of Wonder, Thanks!

1. First video: Discover Cambodia today!Meet the people and learn about the culture and history of Cambodia!In this video we will take you to the old Khmer city "Phnom Da" by boat and join the Khmer religion ceremony...

2. Second video: Visit the palace that built during the French's and take a Cambodian Express Train..stop by at the Beer Garden and Enjoy Khmer Karaoke and dance..By the way you will explore Sihanouk ville...

3. Third video: Visit the Killing Fields and S-21 Khmer Rouge torture chamber. Explore the central markets "Phsar Thmei and taste the food there "cricket and many more ...visit the Royal Palace by riding a motodup...

4. Fourth video: Take a boat trip to Siem Reap Angkor and explore Tonlesap river and the floating houses...Try Khmer palm wine with fry daddy and baby frogs...finally you will see the most beautiful Angkor Wat...

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